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Why Trust Matters

We believe that the depth of our relationships not only make a difference in business, but are among our key differentiators

Jack Welch perhaps said it best when he observed that “trust means confidence.”  When these characteristics – be it assurance in yourself or faith in the team behind you – underpin the pursuit of any objective, most discover that no goal or mission is ever too big to be out of reach. We’ve found this to be true whether in business, sports, public service, or in cultivating one’s faith. The catch, however, is that trust is far more difficult to foster and secure than most realize, which is why we don’t pay lip service to it in our efforts to create meaningful relationships.

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ArticleLukas Naugle
The Weatherford Way

There is a school of thought that says purpose statements should be aspirational. The problem -- when you look across an industry with more than 7,000 private equity firms, each competing for talent and new deals – is that these statements proclaiming either a firm’s mission or its values all start to sound the same. Yet we at Weatherford Capital are quite different from the more traditional PE fund managers.

With this in mind, in crafting our purpose statement, we chose to focus less on what we want to accomplish and more on what we know to be true, which is simply this: Together, we can accomplish more, making a positive impact on the world.

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